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Consignment Registration Form

Hello and welcome to Horsebid, LLC! Horsebid is America's premier online horse auction and continues to be the trusted
source for buying and selling top quality horses. We're excited to be partnering with you for one of our next online  auctions.

Please complete this form in its entirety so that we can list your horse, pony or mule on our auction site and
also market it across other platforms, such as Facebook. It's imperative that you have all the requested information ready to share in this form so we can be the most effective in marketing your horse. Late submissions on things such as videos, photos or descriptions can create roadblocks for us to be the most successful in selling your animal.

Be sure to proofread your submission, especially the horse description.

We request that you upload your horse's photos to this form. However, if you are unable to upload photos to this form, you
may email them to (Please include 5-10 pictures for the best results - ALL PICTURES MUST IN .JPG

* Indicates required question

Complete Consignment Form Below

Consignor Information

For Horsebid use only, if we have any questions.
(This is not visible to the public.)

Please use dashes only, example: 815-867-5309.

(This will be visible to the public and used to contact you.)

Your Ranch/Farm/Training/Seller Name

(This will be visible to the public and used to contact you.)

Note:  For Horsebid only, if we have any questions.
(This is not visible to the public.)

For Horsebid use only. 

(This is not visible to the public.)

Horse Information

Additional Marketing: Highlights (Optional)

During each sale, we will post a "Highlight Reel" which lists three main features/highlights about your horse. Please list 1-2
statement sentences of what you think are the most important aspects about your horse. (Pedigrees, training, show
experience and successes, competitions, skills, disciplines, etc.)

Video Link and Pictures

VIDEO - URL link to the YOUTUBE video only

Upload Video
Upload IMAGE 1 Profile

This is the primary photo that will be used for display. Please only upload a JPEG. If you have difficulty uploading, please email the photos to:

Upload IMAGE 2
Upload IMAGE 3
Upload IMAGE 4
Upload IMAGE 5
Upload IMAGE 6
Upload IMAGE 7
Upload IMAGE 8
Upload IMAGE 9
Upload IMAGE 10
Photo of Registration

Photo of Registration Papers (Registered Horses Only)
Please only upload a JPEG. Please try to ensure that the photo has good lighting, is clear and easy to read.
Try to avoid blurry photos. If you have difficulty uploading or have more than one, please email the additional
photos to:

Add the Reserve Price of the horse below. This is the minimum price for which you will sell your horse. It is a Required Field

Documents & Owner's Right to Bid

DOCUMENTS: A current Coggins is required on each horse. At the end of the sale, a health certificate will also
be needed to transport the horse. All horses selling, as registered, will be required to have registration and
transfer papers available to the buyer at the end of the sale.

OWNER'S RIGHT TO BID -This auction is conducted “with reserve”, meaning the right to bid is reserved by
the owner. To protect the desired sale price for the horse, Horsebid, LLC reserves the right to bid on the behalf
of the owner up to the amount of the reserve bid. If the owner or its representative makes a final bid EQUAL
TO or GREATER than the reserve, the owner will pay the 10% sale commission due. Horsebid, LLC is not
responsible in anyway or liable if consigned horse(s) is sold or not sold, results may vary per horse/auction.

Horsebid, LLC is not responsible or liable in anyway if a non-payee (winning bidder) or a fraudulent/problem
bidder bids and or wins a bid, Horsebid LLC not obligated in anyway to reimburse owner for any cost or fees
for non sold horses or fraudulent/problem bidders. Horsebid, LLC makes no guarantees of results or
responsible for results.

Check for Yes, I agree.
Unchecked: I do not agree and wish to not cosign my horse with HorseBid

Your content has been submitted

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